Educator Steve Perry’s tweet during Steve Harvey’s National Mentoring Camp For Young Men this past weekend continues to be met with furious responses, which as Dr Andre Perry PHD (no relation) put it, “is a sign that black people won’t accept self loathing as a solution for underachievement.”

Perry is said to have built a career on “fixing” black boys and asserts in one of his books “Man Up! Nobody Is Coming To Save Us,” that black people’s salvation is purely internal. He maintains a “pull your pants up” mentality, suggesting that white achievement can be credited to things that black people ‘fail’ at doing.

Dr. Andre Perry adds that bootstrapping and ‘fixing up’ is as old as racism itself. “The notion that traditionally black hairstyles are synonymous with being unsuccessful speaks directly to the pathologizing of blackness that this country is known to do—and our “leaders” are too often the ones elevated to do it,” he writes.

“There is no recognition of how similar processes have historically been used to force assimilation, dehumanize and devalue culture,” said Christopher Emdin, Associate Professor at Teachers College, Columbia University.

What are your thoughts on Steve Perry’s tweet and his philosophy as a whole? Shouldn’t we be teaching young black men hot to be successful while embracing their natural hair?

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