Rep. Gwen Moore has just about had enough with the government pushing for drug testing of welfare recipients, so she introduced a new bill to turn up the heat on the top 1% who benefit from tax breaks. Titled the “Top 1% Accountability Act”, the bill would force 1 percenters to do drug tests in order to claim tax deductions of over $150,000– an absolutely ingenious way to flip the script on those always trying to paint welfare recipients as lazy drug users.

“By drug testing those with itemized deductions over $150,000, this bill will level the playing field for drug testing people who are the recipients of social programs,” a memo on her bill notes.

Moore is attempting to push back against the attack on government social programs by highlighting the reality that the rich benefit just as much, and even sometimes more than those receiving welfare benefits, and often times those benefits remain unscrutinized and unregulated. So if the rich want to attack very necessary social programs for the poor, well they better be ready to face the wrath of Gwen Moore’s proposed drug testing legislature.

The Congresswoman is particularly committed to this fight, since she was a beneficiary of public assistance, which got her through hard time.

“I am a former welfare recipient,” Moore further explained. “I’ve used food stamps, I’ve received Aid for Families with Dependent Children, Medicaid, Head Start for my kids, Title XX daycare [subsidies]. I’m truly grateful for the social safety net.”

Hopefully, even if the bill is not passed, it will force others to consider the role classism plays in how the country views beneficiaries of government programs. Or, as best said by Moore herself: “I would love to see some hedge fund manager on Wall Street who might be sniffing a little cocaine here and there to stay awake realize that he can’t get his $150,000 worth of deductions unless he submits to a drug test.”

Wouldn’t we all?

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