Yo! MTV Rap’s former host Doctor Dre is speaking out about living with type 2 diabetes. Dre was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, he has gone blind and has also lost a toe.

“My stubbornness put me where I’m at. Now my energy is going to change that,” Doctor Dre said to the NY Times. “We got young people, grown people, old, all having this. We can prevent this. We can cure this. I have an idea how to do it.”

Doctor Dre will document his struggle with diabetes and his upcoming weight loss surgery on a reality tv he’s working on with former Def Jam exec, Bill Adler.

But when Adler reached out to some of his famous friends to help, he didn’t hear back.

“These are people I’ve known for 30 years, and they haven’t gotten back to me,” Adler said. “Dré just wants to share his enthusiasm with people. There are plenty of other folks who star in reality shows who are plainly narcissists, who are convinced every absurd thing out of their mouth has to be captured by a television camera. That is not Dré.”

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