Republican frontrunner Donald Trump is having a pretty bad week. After coming under fire for his racially offensive attacks on a Latino judge who is presiding over a class action suit about Trump University, Trump was hit hard in a pair of speeches by President Obama and Hillary Clinton. Now, it looks like First Lady Michelle Obama is also fed up with the businessman.

In her final commencement address as First Lady, Mrs. Obama blasted Trump for his divisive rhetoric.

Some folks out there today seem to have a very different perspective. They seem to view our diversity as a threat to be contained rather than as a resource to be tapped. They tell us to be afraid of those who are different, to be suspicious of those with whom we disagree. They act as if name-calling is an acceptable substitute for thoughtful debate,” Mrs. Obama told the graduates at the City College of New York. “As if anger and intolerance should be our default state rather than optimism and openness that have always been the engine of our progress.

While Mrs. Obama never mentioned Trump’s name, it was clear she was talking about presumptive GOP nominee. Though she took Trump to task, Mrs. Obama also presented a positive message to the grads: Americans must stick together.

Graduates that is not who we are. That is not what this country stands for. No, no, here in America, we don’t let our differences tear us apart. Not here. Because we know that our greatness comes from when we appreciate each other’s strengths, when we learn from each other, when we lean on each other, because in this country, it’s never been each person for themselves, no we’re all in this together. We always have been. And here in America, we don’t give in to our fears. We don’t up walls to keep people out because we know that our greatness has always depended on contributions from people who were born elsewhere.

We all know Mrs. Obama can’t wait to leave the White House, but it looks like she doesn’t want to turn it over to Trump either.

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