Being Mary Jane star Gabrielle Union dropped knowledge at BET’s Genius Talks panel discussion event this past weekend. She sat down with Melissa Harris Perry to hold and open and honest conversation about the need for strong Black women in Hollywood, the challenges women of color face on and off screen and the prioritization of animal life over black life.

During the chat, Melissa asked Gabby why she decided to sign on to star in another “slave film” and her thoughts on people who say they are sick of seeing black people as slaves in movies.

“Any time you see us and our history reflected, it helps,” she responded.

She also expressed her outrage over people being able to find the humanity in an animal before acknowledging the humanity in black lives (i.e the death of Cecil the Lion and Harambe the Gorilla).

“You can be an animal lover and have the capacity to give a crap about human beings,” she says.

You can see Gabrielle in the highly anticipate Birth Of A Nation when it hits theaters October 7th.

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