dc02e82d_Screen_Shot_2016-02-10_at_1.44.43_PM.xxxlarge_2xAnother day. Another think piece. But this time a Ghanaian writer, who lives in the UK, wants to know why black American artists don’t tour in African countries. Never-mind the fact that I can name a couple off the top of my head who have.

From SpiceUKOnline:

Love all these American and even British artists using African influences in hair, clothes, music and more. It is so inspiring and makes me so proud to be black, so proud to be African and it really is changing the game. But when was the last time they went?

And no, I don’t mean when was the last time they gave money or the last time they went to Uganda to take pictures. I mean when was the last time they went to perform and really showcase their talent which Africa has so heavily influenced? Celebrities and artists who go on “world” tours only seem to go to western countries even when their musical production, choreography, lyrics and costume are heavily influenced by African countries. I’m really sorry guys but I’m afraid a date in South Africa doesn’t count- amazing as that is, it is the equivalent of saying ‘I ain’t racist, my best friend’s step-sister’s cousin is black’.

South Africa is an amazing country with so much history, influence and importance but there are 53 other countries in Africa. Going to one isn’t good enough and to be honest, it’s been a while since anyone big has even toured there.

I can’t get my head around it. I can imagine artists sitting there in a board meeting discussing dates and places and I don’t get how a whole continent can get missed out. A WHOLE CONTINENT. If you like your cornrow (Kim K Boxer-Braids), African print, afros and your negro nose, there are plenty of them in Ghana, Nigeria, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Angola, Tunisia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and many other countries.

So South Africa doesn’t count to him? Got it.

Here’s the thing, artists don’t tour unless big promotional companies are backing them. So don’t blame the artist, blame people like LiveNation, etc. These are the companies responsible for putting on tours.


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