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Welp, it looks like singer Elle Varner didn’t learn from Erykah Badu’s last Twitter firestorm. After Badu got called out for arguing that female students should wear longer skits so they wouldn’t tempt (helpless/trifling) male teachers and students, Varner decided to do some of the same.

Apparently, Varner came across a flier demanding schools to teach male students to respect their female counterparts instead of shaming young women for how they dress…and she just couldn’t deal.

The Refill singer launched into a lengthy Instagram tirade about how women who promote “slut culture” are jacking up our kids.


While Varner struggled to see the point of the flier (and ultimately deleted her rant), the tweets were watching, and folks went all the way in.

After folks let her know why her initial comments were problematic, Elle said people simply missed her point.

Perhaps next time E.V. will think a little harder about wading into these controversial waters.

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