Independent Screenwriter and Producer Kashif Boothe recently tackled the age-old light skin/dark skin debate. In a short documentary posted to his YouTube channel earlier this Spring, Boothe spoke to a number of people from mixed racial backgrounds to compile their views on skin bleaching, their opinions on where the misconceived notions about lighter complexions stem from, and what they feel the biggest misconceptions are.

“Being Light Skinned” features men and women from Black and Asian cultures discussing the misconceptions of being light skin. There is an arguably a general view within Black and Asian cultures that light skin men and women think they are better than dark-skinned people and they are more successful as actors, musicians because they appeal to a mainstream audience and they have ‘good hair’. This documentary it challenges this perception and also enlightens audiences on the challenges they face being light skin, their opinion on the light skin vs dark skin debate within Black, Latin and Asian cultures and on why they think skin bleaching is popular.”

Do you think the topic has been explored enough? Where do you stand in regards to this age-old debate?

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