Twitter/Carlos Coleman

Twitter/Carlos Coleman

Afeni Shakur died of a heart attack in Sausalito, Calif., on May 2, at 69 years old. And on Saturday friends and family of Shakur gathered in Brooklyn to remember her life. The memorial service was held at House of the Lord Church on Atlantic Avenue and was filled with live performances, music and speeches.

According to the New York Daily News, 150 friends and supporters were in attendance.

“She was brilliant, she was erratic, she was gorgeous, she had lots of energy,” said Kathleen Cleaver, former communications secretary for the Black Panther Party to NY1. “This is someone who graduated from performing arts, so essentially she was a very gifted teenager who wanted to be an actress but she ended up a revolutionary.”

“She was a super person, a member of this church with two parts and that was the love that she had,” said longtime activist Herbert Daughtry, national minister at the House of the Lord.

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