If you haven’t been keeping up with Mo’Nique outside of her short lived drama with Lee Daniels and the radio interviews circulating around the topic of whether or not she was ‘blacklisted’ from Hollywood, then you didn’t know until now that the Oscar winner’s been taking her health seriously.

The 48-year-old has gradually lost more than 100 pounds in six years and she showed off that exceptional achievement recently while posing on the beach with some equally fit and fabulous friends.

Last year, she told Dr. Oz she had to overcome her battle with emotional eating.

“I think that, from a little girl at 7 years old, when I started getting molested, food was my friend,” she said. “It became my lover. It became everything because food was going to be that one thing that wasn’t going to let me down. It was going to lie to me. It was going to mistreat me, so we developed this amazing relationship…I had to break that barrier. And I remember one day Sidney [Hicks] saying to me, ‘At what point are you going to accept responsibility for you? If you keep holding onto yesterday, your tomorrow is never going to get different.’ So I had to remove that part of my life and say, ‘That was then. And how much longer am I willing to carry this with me?’ So I was an emotional eater.”

Lately, the Actress has been breaking it down with celebrity dance teacher and fitness trainer Dwight Holt.

Aside from dancing, Mo’Nique told Hello Beautiful that she mixes things up (to avoid getting bored, we presume). She lifts weights, does yoga, swims, hikes, boxes and has a ball no matter which one she chooses.

“People always say, ‘Mo’Nique, what motivates you?’ I had to do it for my husband and my children. And I had to get out of my own way.”

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