David Possner

Rushell White, a principal at Junior High School 226 in Queens, New York, is under fire after putting a mural in her school that depicts her as a Hindu goddess, and her assistant principal as a man with a shrunken head.

Students and administrators at the school are upset over the poster, especially since the school’s student population is 2/3 Hindu.


New York Daily News

“It’s disrespectful to another person’s religion,” said one parent to the NY Daily News. “You can’t be a God. Religion shouldn’t even be in the school anyway.”

White’s assistant principal David Possner, who has said White used an anti-semetic remark towards him, is also upset over the mural.

“The mural is basically mocking the Hindu community,” said Possner, who claimed in court papers that White called him a “bad Jew” for using his phone on Yom Kippur in 2014.

Possner also thinks his depiction in the mural is a direct retaliation to the complaint he filed against White.

The mural was a student art project produced with a nonprofit group contracted to provide arts education at JHS 226.

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