Yesterday, President Barack Obama met with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto at the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa, Canada for the North American Leaders’ Summit and this photo is one of the most important results:



*Cue the absolute best caption ever written from writer R. Eric Thomas*

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 1.06.55 PM.png

“Whoever took this photo deserves a GD Pulitzer Prize. We may be two minutes from doomsday but thank the Lordt we still live in a universe where three world leaders can strut into a room like they’re the new interracial male cast of Sex and the City. Like I have ALREADY prepurchased tickets to this film. These three out here in these streets looking like Career Day Ken. Looking like Destiny’s DILF. Looking like the Alternate Universe version of our Current Political Universe. Looking like Tom Ford presents The Avengers. How you going to be one of the leaders of the “free” world and still stalk the runway, killing all our faves? The only thing that would make it better is if they were pounding through a pool of water like Bey-sus on the BET Awards. Why do any of us walk on land anymore, tbh? YES YOU BETTA SALUTE YOU MOUNTIES! Pledge allegiance to this day drag! Based solely on this photo all three of them were just declared the first non-queen winners of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Happy Heterosexual Pride Day, y’all. And look at Obama’s smile! Don’t try to tell me that man isn’t angling for the lead in a Rihanna’s next music video. Drake wishes he was this happy. And Drake is so happy. Oh my God. I need to sit down. I’m getting light-headed.”

Yup, nothing left to be said about the photo. That pretty much summarizes.

However, we should also add that Obama did more than just turn up to the summit coasting the runway like an America’s Next Model winner. He also delivered a speech lambasting Republican nominee Donald Trump’s campaign rhetoric as “nativism, xenophobia or worse.  Or it is just cynicism to say controversial things to win votes.” Despite  the possibility of a Trump presidency, Obama, Trudeau and Nieto all agreed that maintaining open trade agreements between the continental nations is an utmost priority.

“We see ourselves in each other and our lives are richer for it,” Obama said during his speech. “The enduring partnership between Canada and the United States is as strong as it has ever been and we are more closely aligned than ever before.”

The leaders also discussed NAFTA’s role in fueling anti-globalism sentiments, that many have contributed to Britain’s “Brexit” from the European Union, and plans to have North America produce half of its electricity from “clean energy”, non-carbon sources.

Obama’s speech was met with standing ovations, as members of the Canadian Parliament chanted “four more years” to the smiling president. Seems like we aren’t the only ones sad to see President Barack Obama leave the White House.

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