How many times does an organization do something blatantly racist and then issue a half-hearted apology? Too many to count, right? Well, to add to the list of displays of outrageous racism by some company or another, recently the Red Cross released a poster to teach children pool safety. The children of color featured in the cartoon drawing were labelled “not cool” for their rowdy, unsafe behavior, whereas the obedient white children were labeled “cool.”

This of course sparked outrage, prompting the non-for profit to quickly pull the poster and offer apologies to the rightfully outraged:

Quite frankly, the amount of companies engaging in this type of racist mess and then offers a cheap apology is simply growing old. Black people don’t really need any more “sorries.” We actually need for these companies to do right by us.

You know where would be a great place for the Red Cross to start, in the event they actually had any intention of combating racism or inequality? Maybe the organization should go find the millions of dollars they raised for Haiti post the 2010 earthquake? Ya know, the whole 500 million that somehow only managed to build six permanent homes? Surely, the Haitian people would much like those funds right now to build schools, roads, homes and basic infrastructure.

So perhaps the Red Cross should just keep it’s apology for racism and let the money talk. Afterall, no one can build homes, businesses or bridges with apologies.

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