Like a lot of Black folks who are “tired” of seeing film and TV projects about slavery, rapper Snoop Dogg had a lot to say about the History channel’s recent Roots reboot

“I’m sick of this,” the rapper said on Instagram. “How the f–k they gonna put Roots on Memorial Day? They just going to keep beating that sh-t into our heads as to how they did us, huh?”

While there have actually been very few films about slavery over the past decade (you can read Shadow & Act’s detailed list if you need proof), the man who brought us Soul Plane wants Hollywood to make some positive films about Black folks.

Though many feel the same, Snoop is an imperfect messenger, and NewsOne’s Roland Martin LET HIM HAVE IT about why his criticism of Roots is problematic at best, and down right foolish at worst.

Take a look.

What do you think of Snoop’s comments and Martin’s comeback? 

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