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Financial website The College Investor estimated the average net worth (minus liabilities like student loan debt) and it’s nowhere near the Mark Zuckerbergs or the ’30 Under 30′ profiles of the world. Class of 2016 graduates are carrying $37,172 in student loan debt while Class of 2003 graduates had an average of $18,271 to pay back.

If you’re a millennial with $10,400 to your name or more, then you’re doing better than your average counterparts.

The College Investor estimates those currently age 22-29 to have a net worth in the negatives.


The College Investor

Those 30 – 35 are doing a little better what with their debt burden having been lighter after graduation. Some entered the job market during the recession, while others missed it completely. Some are starting families and buying houses while others are renting textbooks. The site attempted to take pay, debt, and savings rates into account when making these calculations.

What are your thoughts on their findings?

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