As women, we’ve all been told how weaves and braids can damage hair if not cared for properly. We’ve all heard the funny saying “getting your edges snatched” or have joked about someone with bad edges. But one Atlanta stylist doesn’t think it’s a laughing matter.

Razor Chic posted a horrifying video of how years of weaves and extensions damaged one client’s hair.

But it goes beyond just wearing them. If you don’t care for your weaves and braids, serious issues like traction alopecia can occur. Even something simple as adding weave to damp hair can cause serious bacteria issues that can lead to hair loss.

And it doesn’t even stop with hair weaves and braids. Basically any type of hair style that causes tension on your scalp is harmful. A friend of mine constantly wore her hair in a bun, until she realized the pulling caused hair damage to the middle of her scalp, as well as edges.

No one is saying not to wear weaves or different types of hairstyles, but in order to keep your hair in tact, be careful!

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