Donald Trump

As Hillary Clinton was celebrating huge victories in primaries coast to coast, clenching the Democratic presidential nomination, Donald Trump was once again putting his foot in his mouth.

After coming under fire for slamming a Hispanic judge who is presiding over a pair of class action suits against Trump University, Trump took the stage to give a scripted speech in a bid to reassure Republicans he’s fit to be the president.

In an uncharacteristic event that saw the GOP frontrunner reading from a teleprompter, Trump took shots at Democratic his rival, promising to give a “major speech” that will attack the Clintons. During his remarks, Trump also seemed to be uncomfortable reading from the teleprompter and often fumbled over his words or just made them up (i.e. “bigly”).

While pundits called Trump’s speech necessary to help save his campaign, and calm Republicans who were worried about his racist remarks against Judge Gonzalo Curiel, Trump stepped in it yet again by saying he wants to “take care of OUR African Americans.”

Trump’s awkward phrase not only made many think he was speaking of Black folks in a possessive way–our, like he owns us–but it also comes on the heels of another incident in which he pointed to a Black man in the crowd and said, “Look at my African American over there! Look at him!”

Now that the stage for November is official set, it’ll be interesting to see if Trump can remain subdued, or if he’ll continue to say racially charged, offensive things.

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