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When Ghanian nurse Mzznaki Tetteh posted her engagement photos on Instagram last week, she probably wasn’t expecting them to go viral. But body shaming critics had a different agenda.

The photos include one of Mzznaki’s fiancee playfully lifting her up. While most people showed nothing but love in the comments, a number of people used the happy moment as an opportunity to body shame her.

The ruthless comments ranged from “This girl isn’t gonna look beautiful in a wedding dress” to “She needs to lose weight” and “You can see the struggle in his face.”

My shield…awww

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It's my time….Thank u God

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Mzznaki went through and delete many of the negative comments but the photo was reposted on a number of additional Instagram accounts so the comments continue to roll in.

Her response to the hatred? Mzznaki posted a photo of herself and captioned it with “Still confident. Your rubbish comments ain’t ruining my happiness. Thanks to all for the compliments and best wishes. Am honored.”

Her fiancé, Kojo Amoah, also clapped back at the haters, telling Ghana Web, “I am so proud of my woman and I don’t care about what anybody says out there.”

We’re glad neither of them is allowing internet trolls to rain on their parade. Congratulations Mzznaki!

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