Chicago native June Rivas shared a photo series of her ‘violating’ office dress code after she was told by her boss that way she wears her hair in a ponytail and under headscarves was unprofessional.

In a Facebook post over the weekend, June explained: ‘Our contract states “No dress code. Just be clean and pressed”.‘


She also shared a picture which showed how she usually dresses for the office – and there’s no doubting she is both clean and pressed.

She then filed an harassment complaint.

The boss responded by introducing a new dress code which banned headscarves in the office.

‘To counter, she issued a brand new memo,’ June wrote. ‘We now have a dress code. No any of above plus no straps, hats, sandals, cleavage, back out, lace, and even (and I quote) “cultural head wraps”‘.


June J. Rivas/Facebook


June J. Rivas/Facebook


June J. Rivas/Facebook


June J. Rivas/Facebook

June reported the female boss to the EEOC – The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission – but, in the meantime, she cleverly decided to comply with the guidelines, Just not in the way her boss probably intended.

While all her outfits are within the rules, they also happen to be inspired by her love of cosplay and the dress code mentioned nothing about wigs, colored lenses, spandex or wings.

June has since deleted the images from her Facebook account.


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