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Korryn Gaines was killed on Monday in Baltimore County during an hours long police standoff. But what many people may not know about are the circumstances and why the police were at her house to begin with.

Apparently in March, Gaines was pulled over in Catonsville, Maryland for driving with a cardboard license plate, an unregistered vehicle and no drivers license.

Gaines documented the traffic stop and uploaded it to her Instagram account when it was happening. A full video of the 20 min. stop was compiled, and it’s below.

After another standoff during the traffic stop, refusing to give her info, and questioning if the cops were actually cops, Gaines stated that they’d have to kill her to get her out of the car. And this was all happening while her 5-year-old son was recording it with her cellphone. Police attempted to get her to comply and even told her all she had to do was get out the car and walk home, which was 2 blocks away.

Eventually, Gaines grabbed her 1-year-old baby and started breast-feeding the child, when the cops tried to get her out of the car. In parts of the video, you can hear her son in the backseat crying.

After Gaines’ arrest, she was scheduled to appear in court on July 13, according to Maryland Case search, and she failed to appear. And it was on Monday when an arrest warrant was being served, not only for Gaines, but also her boyfriend who failed to appear in court for a domestic violence case involving Gaines.

Take a look at the video below.

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