Noire Care

Noire Care

NoireCare.com is encouraging women of color everywhere to take time out from juggling their numerous daily responsibilities and demands to focus on the all too often overlooked practice of caring for self.

The site was created as a place to explore and discover new self preservation methods to inspire black women to reclaim their minds, bodies and health by sharing stories to encourage one another.


Noire Care features profiles from black women discussing how they unwind, refocus and unplug from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

“I recently decided that folks that require too much of my energy to maintain friendships with have to go,” says Asia Kiel, one of the women featured on the site. ” The reality is people often grow up and apart. It is so critical to surround yourself with likeminded, likespirited, likewilled (see I’m making up words!) people. Without intention, people can be toxic….literally suck the life out of you. Even if you hurt some folks in the process, it is critical that you allow only healthy relationships in your life and dump whatever is not good for your spirit”

“Making the tough decision to really focus on yourself when you are a girlfriend, mother, sister, daughter and friend seems so hard. Once I realized I was only hurting myself and it was interfering in my quality of life with my children, I knew I needed to make a change,” Najaah Dallas pointed out.

When was the last time you practiced the art of self care? How did you go about it? You can share your own story and inspire other women to do the same here.

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