Joy Reid wasn’t playing any games when it comes to Donald Trump’s No. 1 bootlicker Pastor Darrell Scott.

Scott recently appeared on an MSNBC segment and got his ass handed to him by Reid, after she caught him in a full blown lie.

During the discussion Reid mentioned Trump’s birtherism. But Scott said birtherism was started by Hillary Clinton. “Don’t tell me you agree with the birtherism, sir,” Reid said as she cut him off. “Don’t tell me you agree with that.” “The birtherism issue came out of Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2008,” Scott replied.

“No it didn’t,” Reid shot back, with Scott replying, “Yes it did.”

“That’s wrong,” Reid said.

“Even a pastor cannot make things up on this show,” she continued

“I respect you as a pastor, but you’re not going to come on and make things up,” Reid stated.

Hell, she’s better than me. Because I don’t even respect this man as a pastor.

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