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Nneka, a 27-year-old single mom, recently launched Innovative Supplies, a line of Black-themed school supplies with notebooks so dope we’d buy one of each item for ourselves and everyone we know.


Innovative Supplies

According to her website, Nneka is all about making a positive change in the community and this line is her way of reaching out to millennials who seek variety and want to be a part of a bigger cause.


Innovative Supplies

The goals of Innovative Supplies are to:

  • Open and deposit profits into an account with black owned Citizens Trust Bank.
  • Donate 40 percent of all profits made from book bag sales to local charities.
  • Provide quality products.
  • Hire local minority youth.
  • Support other small businesses
  • Use economically sourced materials
  • Use environmentally friendly packaging

Tea Time

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Innovative Supplies

Check InnovativeSupplies.net for updated info on when they receive new stock!

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