Boston Herald/Christopher Evans

Boston Herald/Christopher Evans

The Obama girls are getting ready to leave the White House and while Malia Obama is cutting up at music festivals as she should be, little sister Sasha Obama is doing what most 15 year olds are doing – stacking money for the summer.

According to the Boston Herald, Sasha’s been working a morning shift that ends at 11:30am for a restaurant on Martha’s Vineyard called Nancy’s. (With Secret Service in tow, of course)

“We were wondering why there were six people helping this girl, but then we found out who it was,” an employee said.

She’s been going by her full name, Natasha, and working the takeout counter, busing tables and prepping for the lunch rush.

The eatery serves fried clams and oysters, fish and chips, plus a menu of Middle Eastern dishes. It is apparently a favorite of the Obamas during their annual summer visit to the island.

The first family is getting ready to start a vacation there next week, and we’re told Sasha won’t be expected to serve seafood.

Last summer, Malia, 18, who wants to be a filmmaker, went to work on the set of “Girls” with Lena Dunham.

The internet has been buzzing with opinions on whether or not Sasha should have chosen a more upscale place of employment. Others think it’s cool that the first daughter is gaining this basic, real life experience.

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