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Satire or not, something just aren’t that funny. And it seems as though Step Sisters, in an attempt to be the new Dear White People, is already garnering a bunch of side-eyes.

Directed by Charles Stone III, the movie stars Megalyn Echikunwoke, who plays black sorority sister Jamilah, and in order to get into law school, has to teach black Greek-stepping to a group of white sorority sisters whose charter is about to be revoked.

“Step Sisters” centers on an ambitious black sorority girl (Echikunwoke) who, in order to get admitted to the law school of her dreams, agrees to cross cultural lines and teach the exclusive art of black Greek stepping to a band of wild, party-obsessed white sorority girls whose charter is about to be revoked.

Sure, the movie seems to poke fun at cultural appropriation and racial stereotypes, and now its stars are trying to defend it.

“I think people will come away being pleasantly surprised that the take-away message is actually the opposite of white people culturally appropriating the black culture,” said Echikunwoke. “The messages are a lot different, and a lot more profound.”

Even though Lena Waithe, the producer, says the movie is “really smart and funny” some people aren’t buying it.

From Associated Press:

Echikunwoke said “Step Sisters,” in a comedic way, actually takes issue with stereotypes of both blacks and whites, along with society’s lack of racial progress. She compares the context of the film to the 2014 movie “Dear White People,” a satire about race relations.

“The comedy, stereotypes and the social references are meant to be thought-provoking,” Echikunwoke said. “It’s definitely meant to be provocative. It might be offensive to some people. It’s not like we are trying to be offensive, but I think we’re definitely pushing it a little in a good way.”

Stone expects some initial backlash, saying the hook line will “immediately get people up in arms.” But he said black Greek-stepping is the “perfect” stage to tackle racism and discrimination.

The cast includes star Megalyn Echikunwoke (“90210,” “House of Lies”), Eden Sher (“The Middle”), Lyndon Smith (“Secret in Their Eyes,” “Parenthood”), Gage Golightly (“Red Oaks,” “Teen Wolf”), Nia Jervier (“Dear White People”), Alessandra Torresani (“The Big Bang Theory”), Marque Richardson (“Dear White People,” “All the Way”), Naturi Naughton (“Power,” “Notorious”) and Matt McGorry (“Orange Is the New Black,” “How to Get Away with Murder”).

Although the movie hasn’t been completed yet, it’s definitely garnering a lot of attention. I mean, all publicity is good publicity, right (sarcasm)?

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