After witnessing numerous people disrespectfully tweeting about 20-year-old star gymnast Gabby Douglas’s hair at this year’s Rio Olympics, Brittney Greene decided to call them out in a Facebook post that has now reached over 16k likes and hundreds of comments.

The post includes a photo of a focused Gabby with her hair in a bun and tweets from black women saying things like, “So nobody did Gabby Douglas’ hair before the Olympics?”, “Gabby Douglas’s edges are straight disrespectful man who is her hair stylist?” and “Does Gabby Douglas have dandruff in her hair? I’m so upset.”

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“Please understand that while YOUR hair may be important to you, everyone doesn’t live and die by society’s contrived beauty standards, she wrote. “Gabby is one of the most talented black athletes on this planet. Either cheer up or shut up. Your hair may be laid by your standards but what have you done to achieve your goals lately?”

The responses flooded in.

“She is representing the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA in a GLOBAL competition. She is a hero to many and all some simple minded people can see to talk about is her hair? Really? Get a clue and get a life,” one user wrote.

“Um what do your medals look like? We have got to do better,” another user added.

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Who cares about edges when you’re busy winning medals? Major side eye to the disrespectful commentary.

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