teneyataylor_press-webThere’s no denying the fact that Teyana Taylor’s body may be “body goals” for some people out there. But what’s the chances of actually obtaining it without spending 24 hours a day in the gym? Well, according to Taylor, she doesn’t even spend that much time in the gym.

In an interview with Vogue, Taylor says she doesn’t diet and her only workout is dance.

How did you get back in shape so quickly?
This is the trick question right here. You’re going to gag right now because I would really be lying to you if I told you that I worked out. I keep it really real, I don’t like to lie and say I work out, three, four times a week. All I do is dance. All I do is dance.

Dancing is a workout!
I think dancing, as far as fitness, is very underrated. Whether that’s Zumba, tap dancing, or ballet, you have to realize that this is an actual workout. Sometime this year, I want to make a DVD. For real. Most people are selfish—they’re trying to keep all their secrets to themselves. But I really want to do it to help out all of the ladies. My diet sucks. I eat pizza, fried chicken, macaroni; I don’t eat vegetables. But I dance!


Ok, time to get those Zumba DVDs out of the closet that have been collecting dust forever.

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