ad_218328432In late May, Mamadou Diallo came home to find a man attacking his wife, and the 61-year-old Bronx taxi driver grabbed a taxi iron and beat the attacker, Earl Nash, to death.

Diallo was released from jail on Wednesday after Nash’s family requested all charges be dropped.

“While we cannot undo the damage that was done that evening, we hope to bring some closure – not only to our own family, but to Diallo’s family as well,” Nash’s family’s letter said to the court.

Upon having the charges dropped, Diallo was celebrating much more than just his freedom. His attorney said before the charges were dropped, they had considered taking a plea deal – which could have had Diallo deported.

“I was not thinking something like this would happen to me because I never make problem. I never make problem. For 60-something years, I never make problem,” Diallo said. “But when problem comes into your house, you have nothing to do.”

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