screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-3-17-01-pmDavid Simon, Writer/Producer of one of HBO’s most popular series’, The Wire, put his foot in his mouth recently after using the n word to criticize conservative political commentator Sean Hannity.

“Hannity my n—a!” Simon tweeted. “If they couldn’t get a Ta-Nehisi or Deray to host, then who but you on the pulse of black America.”

Simon, despite having been at the helm of one of the most talked about shows to ever hit the airwaves, which boasted a predominantly black cast, probably thought that earned him the right to use the word but – as he soon discovered – he was wrong.

Ta-Nehisi Coates is the author of “Between the World and Me,” which explores 21st century race relations in America and fatal shootings of blacks by police officers. DeRay Mckesson is an activist and one of the leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement. Both are black. Hannity and Trump are not.

That, as Simon tried to explain in later tweets, was the point he was trying to make. How insightful can a segment on black issues be without actual black people?

But its the way in which he attempted to get his point across that didn’t sit right with well – anyone.

“Obviously it veered off track for some people, but just as obviously I think it’s clear that the intent and purpose wasn’t to offend anyone other than a media group that feels entitled to appoint a white conduit for a birther candidate to discuss issues of import to the black community,” he told The Washington Post.

“Would I do it again? No, as the intended purpose was lost amid debate over the word itself. And if that many people are genuinely upset, then their unhappiness is certainly not worth it for a 140-character critique of Sean Hannity and Donald Trump’s racial presumptions,” Simon said. “But no, I don’t think the tweet evidences racism at all, or that the sarcastic tone of an unreliable narrator who claims Sean Hannity as the third-best choice to address black issues with Donald Trump can be lost on most people.”

What are your thoughts?

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