This past March, with an interview with Democracy Now, activist Angela Davis spoke about her not endorsing  any candidate this election season.

“Endorsing? I don’t endorse. But let me say that, well, to be frank, I’ve actually never voted for one of the two-party—two major parties in a presidential election before Barack Obama. I believe in independent politics. I still think that we need a new party, a party that is grounded in labor, a party that can speak to all of the issues around racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, what is happening in the world. We don’t yet have that party. And even as we participate in this electoral process, as it exists today, I think we need to be looking ahead toward a very different kind of political process. At the same time, we put pressure on whoever is running. So I’m actually more interested in helping to develop mass movements that can create the kind of pressure that will force whoever is elected or whoever becomes the candidate to move in more progressive directions,” Davis stated this winter.

But over the weekend, Davis seemingly endorsed Hillary Clinton for president and disappointed people who have followed her for decades.

“I have serious problems with the other candidate, but I am not so narcissistic to say I cannot bring myself to vote for her,” Davis said.

Davis also spoke about how Donald Trump must be stopped by any means necessary.

Angela Davis. On the current election.

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