Black women are tired. We’re tired of carrying the weight of the world and box office numbers on our backs. We’re tired of rallying behind some men who’d rather throw us under the bus at every opportunity they can get.

Black men*, you failed your fellow black man, Nate Parker. You didn’t rush out to your local movie theaters in droves to see his film. You didn’t gather your nephews, sons, uncles, grandfathers, fraternity brothers, boyfriends and purchase close to the 60% of ticket sales generated by black women.

Why? Who knows why. But it was so easy to blame the failure of the movie on black women. Once again, we’re the world’s scapegoat.

Black man, what stopped you from going to the movies? Were there some black women standing in the way and the lines were too long? Did it bother you that he allegedly raped a woman in college? Were you also a victim of sexual assault? Honestly, any excuse you’d come up with now, would be moot. Because black women have been dragged for the last several days online because of it.

It’s crazy how black men don’t support other black men, but want black women to. Some black men talk about how black feminism is ruining the country, but it if they were so concerned about Birth of a Nation being so successful, maybe they should have done something about it – instead of tweeting and harassing black women online for not viewing the movie. We see you, Roland Martin. You’re a disgusting disgrace to all things “black”. It’s a shame you spend your free time online harassing black women over not seeing the movie. When you should be spending your time trying to convince your black ‘brothers’ to see it, if you were so invested in its success.

But maybe, some of these black men were too busy watching Ava Duvernay’s 13th? Or Disney’s Queen of Katwe. These powerful and poignant movies that were also recently released. Something tells me they weren’t.

Black men, Nate Parker needed your help. You failed him. Not black women.


*This does not apply to all black men. Some of y’all have our backs. The others? Well…

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