1476311795530Yesterday we were extremely saddened to learn that Tommy Mikal Ford, better known as Tommy  Strong from Martin, passed away at the age of 52.

Tommy was admitted to a hospital in Atlanta Sunday for a ruptured abdominal aneurysm and his health declined from that day on, with the actor being placed on life support. On Wednesday afternoon his family made the decision to turn off support, TMZ reported.

Though Tommy wasn’t family, we instantly reacted to his death with feelings of sadness while simultaneously remembering the fun times, like we would with any loved one we lost. Tommy’s sheer existence on Martin was a running joke, as Pam, Gina, Martin, and even Cole took any opportunity they could to remind the 6’4″ homey, “you ain’t got no job, man!”

But that was just one of many Tommy moments we loved from his five-season run on the hit Fox show from ’92-’97. Tell us which moment was your favorite below. And in case you need something to jog your memory, check out these compilation videos of the character’s best scene stealers.


Rest in Peace Tommy.

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