Texas’ Ridge Point High School recently celebrated “Decades Day”, where students are encouraged to dress in the attire from a different decade. But one student’s costume didn’t sit well with the administration and he was sent home to change.

Senior Brian Ibe came to school dressed as a slave, complete with a ripped shirt with fake blood, and chains around his neck and foot.

“They told me to take it off,” Ibe told KPRC. “They said I should take it off before it starts problems and makes people uncomfortable.”

Ibe says he wore the outfit to make a statement about slavery, and the fact that it was an important decade to him. But the school didn’t see it that way.

“If a student is dressed inappropriately, and/or if their dress is considered a distraction to the learning environment, they will and have been asked to change clothes. In the last couple of days, less than a dozen students have been asked to change or modify their clothing,” Fort Bend ISD spokesperson Amanda Bubela said in a statement. “Ridge Point High School is encouraging students to express their school spirit this week, while adhering to the dress code. It is important that the campus maintain a distraction-free learning environment.”

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