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A group of white students at Stone County High School in Wiggins, Mississippi placed a noose around a black student’s neck and pulled backwards, according to the  Mississippi chapter of the NAACP.

The incident occurred on Oct. 13, and according to Ayana Kinnel, the state’s NAACP spokesperson, the school mishandled the situation and no one was punished or charged with a crime.

“They failed to protect this student throughout this ordeal,” the NAACP said. “Allowing students to commit blatant hate crimes without severe consequences, sends a message to students that their safety and well-being are not valuable enough to be protected.”

According to a statement from the black student’s family, he returned to practice after the incident, Kinnel said.

“The students have not been expelled and the victim’s parents are not fully aware of any punishment,” the group added. “The school’s own policy calls for the automatic expulsion of any student committing a violent act against another student. Yet, to our knowledge, this policy has not been adhered to in this case.”

The NAACP is calling for an investigation and wants hate charges filed.

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