A Delta Airlines flight attendant has yet again put a passenger in harms way when they didn’t believe a black woman was a doctor. The story of Dr. Ashley Denmark sounds all too familiar to Dr. Tamika Cross’ viral story from last week.

Denmark was heading back from Hawaii to Texas, when flight attendants said a passenger was in distress. Denmark then attempted to help, but was shunned away, because they didn’t believe she was a doctor.

Denmark recounted the incident on Melanin in Medicine:

As I settled in to watch a movie and read a book, about 1 hour into our flight over the intercom, a flight attendant requested a doctor or nurse to report to front of cabin to assist a passenger. When duty calls it calls- even if you are 30,000 feet in air. Without hesitation, I got out of my seat and made my way towards the front of the cabin where I was greeted by two Caucasian women and a delta flight attendant. I quickly asked “What’s going on?” Then I stated, “I’m a doctor. How can I help?” Immediately, I was greeted by puzzled looks from all three women. The flight attendant asked, “Are you a doctor?” to which I replied “Yes.” My response only left a more puzzled look on the attendant’s face. She turned around and began to talk to another flight attendant. I stood there in bewilderment because someone on the plane was in need of medical assistance and no one was escorting me to the passenger in need. Finally, one of the Caucasian passengers who came to assist spoke and stated her and the other passenger present to assist were both nurses. Then she asked, “Are you a doctor?” to which I responded “Yes” …..again. She immediately responded “Well you need credentials to show you are a medical professional.” I gave a funny look but, remained composed and quickly quipped “I have my hospital badge which should be enough.”

Denmark wasn’t allowed to assist the person in need, and just like Cross, realized it had everything to do with her being black. It’s a shame some of these flight attendants out here would rather put a passenger’s life in jeopardy, than believe a black woman can be a doctor.

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