screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-2-50-54-pmStarting on Dec. 19, every Texas abortion provider will be required to bury or cremate all aborted fetal tissue at any state of gestation. This decision, made Monday by the Texas Department of State Health Services, comes after nearly a year of vocal opposition from women’s health advocates and medical professionals across the state.

And now several questions remain.

Would an embryo the size of a quarter need a death certificate? Where would it be buried? Who would cover the costs? What about miscarriages?

  “The state agency has once again ignored the concerns of the medical community and thousands of Texans by playing politics with people’s private healthcare decisions,” wrote NARAL Pro-Choice Texas Director Heather Busby.

Texas isn’t the only state with this law.

In 2016, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence signed a similar bill, but in June, a federal judge blocked the law from going into effect, ruling that it violated a woman’s Constitutional right to privacy in deciding to have an abortion.

The Center for Reproductive Rights says the Texas law will trigger lawsuits.

“These new restrictions reveal the callous indifference that Texas politicians have toward women,” said David Brown, Senior Staff Attorney at the CRR.

“Forcing a woman to pay for a burial after she ends a pregnancy or experiences a miscarriage is not just absurd — it is an unnecessary burden and an intrusion on her personal beliefs.”

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