Donald Trump’s “thank-you” tour is still at full speed, and during his stop in Pennsylvania Thursday, he had a few words for “smart African-Americans”.

Trump wanted to thank the “smart” African-Americans who “didn’t come out to vote.”

“That was the big thing, so thank you to the African-American community,” Trump said during the evening rally in Hershey, referring to the dent in the number of black Democratic voters this year as compared to the 2012 election.

Although Clinton won 88% of the black vote, to Trump’s 8%, many people feel she didn’t pull enough of the black vote, compared to President Obama’s 93% in 2012. But obviously that didn’t matter because of the white ass electoral college.

As the Electoral College prepares to cast their vote on Monday, it’ll be interesting to see if many of Trump’s previous supporters decide to turn their back on him. But as we face the reality of  having a President Trump next month, all we can do is expect the worst. Sorry, but hoping for the best seems like a waste of time.


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