tomiIt seems as though all you have to do became a famous racist and be accepted by Black men like Charlamagne Tha God and Trevor Noah, is to dress it up as a bleach blonde and be mainstream pretty.

Over the last week, Tomi Lahren has been on a black man media spree and appeared on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, and although she did back out of a Breakfast Club appearance, she played nice with Charlamagne for some photo ops. Supposedly these two Black men are trying to help Lahren see the error in her racist ways. Rightttttt…..

I’m not buying it.

And now a week later, both Charlamagne and Noah have caught flack on social media because of their friendliness and normalizing of Lahren’s racist rhetoric.

Tuesday night, Charlamagne had the nerve to tweet the following:

Yeah, dope. So it would be dope of black women to be dumbass ass Lahren and spout bullshit? So, what about the Black women ¬†like, Franchesca Ramsey, and the countless Black women writers and the Black women who started Black Lives Matter who are already strong voices with their own platforms who have been putting in the work, but still don’t get credit for it?

What about the Black women who try to get hired by these companies and pitch television shows, only to have the doors slammed in their faces?

Obviously Charlamagne have never heard about them.

And then there’s Noah.

Apparently Noah is a little smitten with “Miss Ann,” I mean Lahren. Although he was praised for “going at her” during her appearance on the show. It wasn’t like he was debating someone of actual substance, so how hard could it have been? And now it looks as though they’re bffs:

When was the last time a racist sent a gesture of kindness to some black people? Yeah, not happening.

These two Black men are sickening. And are obviously infatuated with the pretty racist, so much so, they’re attempting to make her look ‘nice’. But let’s see what happens when yet another Black person is shot, let’s see if Lahren will have common ground then.

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