Victoria’s Secret held its annual star-studded runway presentation earlier this week and the usual fashion “it” girls strutted down the runway to performances by Lady Gaga, the Weeknd and Bruno Mars. And four gorgeous black models walked the runway with their natural tresses this year.

I remember the coil-collective claps that went up when Maria Borges made history as the first black Victoria’s Secret model to hit the runway with her natural hair. This year she was joined by three more models rocking their ’fros or loose, natural curls.

True, it was only four models out of the 54 total chosen for the show, but progress is a process, as they say. All in all, this year’s VS runway show seemed to go off without an appropriation hitch. That is, until Wednesday, when PopSugar released a video addressing what it felt was an issue from the runway show—the underrepresentation of natural hair among the Asian models.

The entertainment and fashion site posted a video on its Facebook page titled “Why Aren’t Asian Models Included in Victoria’s Secret’s Natural-Hair Revolution?

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