Angela Crenshaw, a now former member of Delta Sigma Theta, has denounced her membership in the sorority and her actions have sparked a debate. Crenshaw is basing he denouncement of the sorority because of Christianity.

In her article, Denouncing Delta: A Story of Reflection from Former Sorority Member, Crenshaw cites that the symbolism and practices of the organization are similar to that of the cult.

Crenshaw writes:

I am denouncing my membership with Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated.  When I first joined, I was so blinded by my desires to be a part of the organization and didn’t focus on God’s will. Different pastors and ministers would speak on the Christian principles of the organization, but I realized how can you be a Christian organization and not mention Jesus Christ? He is the foundation of CHRISTianity. (Pastors and ministers are human too). The rituals mention God but in order to get to God you must first go through the son, Jesus Christ.  (John 14:6) Also if the organization is founded on Christian principles why did the founders think it was okay to place Minerva (Roman Goddess) on the shield that I wore across my heart? I thought what if my church placed her as a representation, do you know how many people would have an issue, or outsiders call us hypocrites. However, in Delta why do the Christians find it okay?  As I read the Pyramid book, the founders want the sorors to admire Minerva mind, body and spirit. (yes, SPIRIT) which means we are giving her life. However, if I am a Christian how can one do that when my body is filled with the Holy Spirit? I admire Jesus Christ. Also the founders want the Minerva Circle to be influenced by her wisdom/ Intellect. These women bring in the new line so what they possess can be instilled in the new members. What if the Minerva Circles are not all Christian?  (Romans 1:21-22) As Christians we are to look for Jesus to influence us though the Holy Spirit! We are to admire his mind and spirit and look to him for Wisdom. (James 1:5) So if the founders were Christians why didn’t they place a cross to represent our Savior? Oh because they may offend other religions, but at the same time you compromise the Christian belief and place a Goddess? But God does not agree with compromise, he spits out the lukewarm. (Revelations 3:16)

She then goes on to say that other members who are Christian should denounce the sorority as well:

“Was it hard for me to step out at first? Yes, but I had to remind myself that this life is temporary and everything here on Earth will fade away. I love God and want to follow His word. I also didn’t want to hesitate when life is over and I am standing before God as he questions me about being a part of this and reciting and representing Minerva. Jesus loves us so much He wants us to in his light, not Satan’s darkness. When we serve the community, He wants us to do it in His name, not in the name of DELTA. He wants our sisterhood and bond to be holy and with Jesus Christ at the center of it all!”

Clutchettes, what do you think about her denouncement? Necessary or not?

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