A Baltimore City mom wants answers as to why she was never informed about a dental procedure a school performed on her son without her permission.

Shanda Fleming says she never gave Beechfield Elementary School permission to pull her 9-year-old son’s teeth. And only said she told them he could get a cleaning. In total, the child had 3 teeth pulled.

“And then two on this side. One top and one bottom,” says Flemming.

“I’m angry about this. I don’t think that it should have happened like that,” says Flemming.

She says she was blindsided when Michael came home with a swollen mouth.

“They just said they was gonna clean my teeth,” says Michael.

But there’s more — the procedure caused Michael to miss the bus, meaning he had to walk almost a full mile to get back home.

“He walked home alone after having three teeth extracted from his mouth. He could have fell out or anything,” says Fleming.

Many schools in Maryland have similar dental programs enacted after a child died from having a tooth infection.

The school did decline to give the local Baltimore news station an interview, citing HIPPA concerns.

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