Mary J. Blige caught a lot of flack when she interviewed Hillary Clinton and started singing Bruce Springsteen’s 41 Shots. But that hasn’t stopped her from speaking out against the current president.

During an interview at the Sundance Festival, Blige shared a few words about Donald Trump.

“I just really can’t support this. It is what it is. He speaks about women viciously. Just racist,” Blige said.

The singer did share thoughts of hope, and what she wants to happen now that we have the orange one as president.

“My hopes are that this brings us together as people. As people period. Not as a “people”. Not as black people. And understand that’s going to make everything change, is that we love each other,” Blige continues. “I hope that it brings us all together and helps uplift us rather than break us.”

Take a look at the video below:

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