Onnea Miss Helsinki 2017 Sephora Ikalaba ✨??

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Sephora Ikalaba, a 19-year-old Nigerian contestant, was recently voted Miss Helsinki 2017. But let’s just say, some people in the country aren’t too happy.

Ikalaba has received racial slurs on social media, and some have posted messages online calling her “ugly” and she only won because of political correctness.

Onnea Miss Helsinki 2017 Sephora Ikalaba ✨👸🏾

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One commenter, Henri Alanko, wrote:

“Yeah, greetings from Finland, fam.

The whole country is angered by this. I’m just having a couple of beers with my friends, and we haven’t been talking about anything else.

Finns are mostly redpilled people, but our intellectuals, politicians and journalists are obsessed with Sweden (those who don’t know: we were part of that country for centuries).

Because of this, everything Sweden does is admired by our elite. When we see Sweden cucking like nobody else, we follow – even though normal Finns hate it.

But yeah, guys, I continue drinking and watch that fucking monkey face. Remember this: true Finns watch this freak show in horror.”

Just watch this YouTube video and see how they’ve been talking about her:

Although the competition is strictly regional, and has nothing to do with the Miss Universe, or other national competitions, it’s safe to say that racism isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

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