Illustrator and Visual Studies Professor John Jennings will de debuting ‘Kindred’ a graphic novel version of Octavia E. Butler’s 1979 bestselling novel. The big reveal will take place at the 5th Annual Black Comic Book Festival at The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture January 13th and 14th.

Octavia E. Butler, one of the most recognized black science fiction writers of our time will have her most celebrated novel, Kindred available as a graphic novel for sci-fi fans and comic books enthusiasts alike.

“The thing about Octavia, she was speaking of the now – If you read Parable of the Sower, we are not that far away from it. What she was doing was pretty revolutionary”, John Jennings told HuffPo. Kindred’s part slave narrative and part sci-fi and grim fantasy captures readers and commands their undivided attention until the very end. Those vivid descriptions of saving slaves from being beaten and raped are now brilliantly illustrated.

In 2012, Jennings traveled to San Diego Comic-Con hoping to get his work picked up by editors and publishers and coincidentally ran into ABRAMS publishing. The editor at that time was impressed by his works and disclosed that they were working on a project he might be a good fit for; that project was Octavia E. Butler’s Kindred.

“I almost passed out, I was like are you serious?” Jennings joked and explained how it took about five months for this project to come together but he still endured his share of obstacles with changing editors and rights to the book. “It’s been a ride trying to get the book together but it worked out for the best”.

You can read more about the making of Jennings’ adaptation over at HuffPost.

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