New year, new me.

I’m starting over.

These are just a couple of examples of Facebook and Twitter posts that have filtered my timeline for the last week or so. People declaring that they’re rebooting their life, every new year. Writing down resolutions, proclaiming they’re going to make certain changes in their lives. But are they a waste of time?

I haven’t written a resolution since 3rd grade. It was one of those class projects we had to do once we returned from winter break. I thought it was dumb. I asked the teacher why do I need to write these down or even make them year after year? I got an F on that assignment.

Here’s the thing, I don’t see anything wrong with making changes in your life. But why can’t the mid-year, mean a new you? Or just a random week in September? Or if you’re spending all of this time making changes every year, will you ever be satisfied with who you are?

From weight loss goals, to things as trivial as being nicer to people, I’ve seen people post these resolutions on social media, as if they’re looking for praise or feedback. And I think social media is one of the last places where these resolutions should be posted. Sometimes things are better kept to yourself. Especially since you’ll always have those people looking for you to fail, and then of course, taking to social media to prove that you have.

I guess resolutions can make people hold themselves accountable at times. But in the long run, how many people actually stick to them?

Clutchettes, do you believe in making New Year’s resolutions?

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