It first started with Jenna Bush Hager during her red carpet interview with Pharrell Williams. Hager asked Williams about his work on the movie “Hidden Fences”.

Yeah, well, unfortunately he worked on Hidden Figures. And Williams’ epic side-eye showed just how annoyed at the question he was.

And so it began. “Hidden Fences” took the spotlight from the fact that Fences and Hidden Figures are two must-see black movies (despite what Taraji wants to call it) that were getting shine at the Golden Globe awards Sunday night.

There is no such movie called “Hidden Fences.” But apparently someone forgot to tell Michael Keaton that. During his announcement of the nominees for film supporting actress, he stated that Octavia Spencer was nominated for “Hidden Fences.”

And of course Twitter had a field day:

Of course not one “white” film’s name was messed up during the broadcast. And some see the “Hidden Fences” flub as yet another microaggression against black films. Seriously, how hard is it to remember the title of a movie that’s being honored. There were definitely other movie titles that were not only longer, but even more complicated. I saw that no one messed up Manchester by The Sea.

Once again, there are those in White Hollywood would couldn’t give a damn when it comes to Black Hollywood.

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