The woman at the center of Emmet Till’s murder has now admitted to lying and revealed for the first time that she had fabricated the most sensational part of her testimony, reported Vanity Fair.

Carolyn Bryant Donham’s then-husband, Roy Bryant, and his half-brother, J.W. Milam, were both acquitted for Till’s murder after  they kidnapped, tortured and executed him, when they found out he allegedly made a pass at Donham.

Donham was 21 years old in 1955 when she alleged Till made a pass at her and grabbed her while she was working at a local store. Till at the time was only 12-years-old.

“That part’s not true,” Donham told author Timothy Tyson, who conducted the interview in 2007 for his book, The Blood of Emmett Till.

“That case went a long way toward ruining her life,” said Tyson.

“She was glad things had changed [and she] thought the old system of white supremacy was wrong, though she had more or less taken it as normal at the time,” Tyson said.

Donham told the author she “felt tender sorrow” toward Mamie Till-Mobley, and said she expressed something like regret about her role in his slaying.

“Nothing that boy did could ever justify what happened to him,” Donham said.

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