Activist Jedidiah Brown, 29, had Lake Shore Drive in Chicago shutdown, after police arrived to prevent him from committing suicide.

Brown, who was live streaming on Facebook, spoke about the suicide of his nephew, as well as being an activist in the South Side of Chicago. During the video, he repeatedly pointed a gun to his head, while sobbing and playing gospel music.

After SWAT teams arrived to Lake Shore Drive, it took them more than an hour to resolve the situation.

“I’ve always loved this city and I love my family — I love everybody and I’m so sorry, but it’s over, I can’t recover from this,” Brown says in the Facebook Live video.

According to DNA Info, Brown is a pastor and the founder of Young Leaders Alliance who received national attention when he rushed the stage at Donald Trump’s aborted rally in Chicago. He most recently appeared on national television Friday on “All In With Chris Hayes” on MSNBC during a town hall event about violence and other issues facing the city.

In the background of another video posted by Brown, you can hear cops say, “We’re here to help you, no one is going to hurt you. This is not the answer.”

After Brown was released from the hospital, he took to Facebook on Monday to explain what was going on:

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