A Georgia mother saw a display at her son’s daycare that got her riled up. The display that was celebrating American history, posted during Black History Month, did not sit well with her. And to top it off, once Kendra Molden complained, her son was kicked out of the daycare center.

Molden’s complaint was about the photo posted below:


And ironically the teacher who created the display, is black.

“They just put it up for this month,” Molden said. “We learn about everyone else’s history 11 months out of the year. We have one month.”

Although the school didn’t say why Molden’s son was kicked out, the teacher in question, did comment publicly on her Facebook page.

 “Go study your history… We are in a diverse learning institution and we do not discriminate…,” the teacher wrote.
She follows up with what could be seen as a threat.

“It really hurts me because my son loves school. He’s smart, he’s really smart,” Molden said. “He deserves better than that.”

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