If you’ve been on Twitter recently, chances are you’ve run into this video produced by The Scene, of a man explaining to his girlfriend why he cheated on her. The video begins with the two remembering happier times, then moves into where their relationship began to fall apart. Soon afterwards, the conversation shifts to the subject of cheating.

The most alarming portion of the video isn’t the explanation of why he cheated or even his cool and collected demeanor in stark contrast to her visibly brokenhearted and extremely emotional state, but rather a retelling of what happened when she first caught him in the act.

“One time I went to his room and he had someone else in his room and he told me to leave, she says. And I went back to my room and I just cried like, the whole night.”

“How many times did you cheat on me,” she asks. “I wasn’t counting,” he says. And she walks away to gather herself before returning to continue the conversation.

Watch the emotional video (published on Valentine’s Day night),  in its entirety and let us know your thoughts.




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